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Compact Coil Feeding Lines

Standardised and individualised Coil Feeding Lines

Coil Feeding Lines with compact design are preferred to be used in case of only small available space as well as in case of less delicate coil material with big material square. They normally are used at middle-sized feeding lengths and middle-sized number of press strokes per minute.

By combination of straightener and roll feed into one machine, so called feeder-straightener, which is positioned directly at the press, the needed space for a (very often long) material loop of straightened material can be saved..

The feeder-straightener is supplied with material out of a (in comparison) very small loop of not straightened material below the decoiler.

The decoiler is equipped with a variable speed drive as well as with a very sensitive loop control. By this way it is assured that there always will be enough material available for supply of the feeder-straightener. 

In case that feeding lengths and stroke rates do require a bigger material stock within the material loop, the Coil Feeding Line will be completed with a loop pit.

Please let us have your required performance data as well as your available space. We will offer to you a tailor-made solution.

If you will have questions regarding our compact Coil Feeding Lines, we will be at your disposal at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:   

Phone:  +49 2156 419193
Fax:  +49 2156 4979325


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